SEM: Delivering Results

It’s a demand-driven world, and “just showing up” doesn’t cut it anymore. Search is your first opportunity to meet your targets’ needs. We help brands rise above the competition, anticipate consumer’s questions, and provide prospects with answers on-demand.

90% of all web sessions start with search, so it should be no surprise that SEM/SEO has become a critical part of every marketer’s toolkit.  But few companies are truly leveraging the awesome and addressable power of search.

Our search approach is audience centric at it’s core. SEM is not just about long-tail keyword lists, enhanced bidding, or deep linking; but about actively understanding the value of each searcher and how to best address their needs. We leverage data as diverse as the current location, weather, device type, HHI, and recent site visitation to inform our valuations and subsequent bids. Our SEM experts then tweak ad messaging, alter branding, introduce dynamic messaging, and update links to deliver quality, not just quantity, of visitors.

We help our clients make search investment decisions not based on clicks or ad rank, but on ROI. Our team understands how a meticulously crafted and personally managed SEM investment (by real humans) can deliver on real-world business goals.  End-to-End tracking comes standard – whether the goal is driving increased sales, demand-generation, app downloads, or even phone-calls.

We also believe in complete transparency.  Grain clients own all of their SEM data – empowering them to explore the insights and optimizations that our search marketing experts make in real time.

All Grain team members – even our non-SEM managers experts are certified in both Google AdWords and Bing/Yahoo.

Core Paid Search Services

  • Paid Search Account Audits
  • Paid Search Analytics & End-to-End Tracking Set-up
  • Paid Search/ PPC / Click to Call Campaign Management
  • Mobile Advertising Campaign Management

A Word about SEO

Grain’s SEO practice is fully integrated within our client’s digital ecosystems — it’s never a bolt-on solution.  While we believe SEO is an integral part of a comprehensive search strategy – we also believe that there are no ‘magic’ SEO tricks, gimmicks, or set-it-and-forget-it plans. Brands that provide valuable content, invest in media/social relationships, and are diligent with their tagging structure and naming conventions are rewarded over time.

Core SEO Services

  • SEO site evaluation
  • Keyword & competitive research
  • URL structure & taxonomy
  • Content optimization
  • Link profile management & risk assessment
  • Mobile/Video/Conversion rate optimization

How Can We Help?

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