A Simpler Way to a Smarter Home

Client Wink

Launch June 1, 2014

Service Used Strategy, CRM, Media Planning & Buying, Analytics

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The Challenge

For decades the smart home has been a tantalizing dream just out of reach. There are hundreds of connected devices on the market, but competing standards mean they often can’t talk to one another or learn your routines. Wink launched in 2014 as single app & platform to allow consumers to monitor and manage all IoT devices in their home. Plenty of other companies had tried the same thing, but what made Wink different was the wide array of big-name partnerships (Home Depot, GE, NEST) that vaulted it from unknown rookie to the company with the most shelf space in the US market.

GRAIN Group was brought on to help WINK rapidly grow adoption of it’s platform and mobile app among existing smart-home consumers and to drive sales of the Wink Hub I, II, & Relay products.
Our Objectives:
  • Drive profitable growth of Wink product sales
  • Drive growth of the platform and mobile app downloads
  • Maintain Wink’s category leadership position

What We Did


Starting with Wink’s launch in 2014, GRAIN group helped create and implement a multi-year growth roadmap for product sales, app adoption, CRM, & analytics.

Scope: Strategy, CRM, Media Planning & Buying, Analytics

At launch, we activated a media plan to drive awareness & trial from smart home early adopters and developed hyper-personalized messaging based on the devices that consumers already had in their homes. Over our three year engagement, we helped Wink both develop and scale evergreen e-commerce and mobile acquisition campaigns to grow their user-base from 10,000 users to over 1.3MM homes.

Media Tactics:

  • Native Content
  • Digital Video
  • Programmatic Display
  • Mobile App Acquisition
  • SEM

The Result!

GRAIN helped Wink grow to over 1.3 million devices connected on its network and in Q1 of 2017, our media efforts were contributing over 20,000 new users per week! WINK was bought by i.am+ in July of 2017.

Matt McGovren, VP of Marketing & Partnerships