How We Operate

Grain is a brand performance company, founded in 2010.

We started Grain because we understood that tomorrow’s leading brands needed a partner that could respond to their business needs across technology, media, creative, and analytics. It’s only when these disciplines are in tune with one another that a business can truly realize meaningful results.

Our teams operate fluidly both within and alongside our clients’ marketing teams – allowing for a unique business-first perspective to developing and executing marketing programs.   Our deep experience in marketing strategy, advertising, product development, and analytics allows our clients to move fast in a rapidly changing and competitive environment.

We left our big agency jobs to start Grain Group in 2010 – and haven’t looked back.


Agatha Chang

About Agatha

Since 2010, Agatha has driven the agency's growth from a consultancy into a leading media agency with tech development capabilities. She leads agency business operations - focusing on developing the agency's core disciplines - strategy, planning, technology, and client services.

Agatha Chang

Managing Partner - Client Services

Ben Jurist

About Ben

Ben oversees media buying/planning and analytics at GRAIN. He is driven by the belief that all marketing investments should be accountable to real business outcomes. Ben helps clients make decisions on the right teams, tools, and partners to scale their businesses with confidence.

Ben Jurist

Managing Partner - Media & Analytics